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Title: Gwil's Guide to Growing Up Torchwood: Year 5, Chapter 4
Jack/Ianto, Gwil, Owen/Tosh
Word Count:
When a seven-year-old boy falls through the Rift, Ianto and Jack decide to adopt him. This is the story of his life at Torchwood.
Chapter Summary:
Ianto turns 30, but it doesn't bother him. Really. Also: Tosh gets some help babysitting Gwil.
Warnings: none
A/N: So Dad cut the cable and internet cable when he was out back digging holes this weekend. Fucking bastard. We didn't get internet back until 7 pm. This isn't really relevant to you guys, or anything. I'm just pissed off. >:|


Previous Chapter: Year 5, Chapter 3
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“Wake up.”

Ianto grumbled and tugged the sheets up to his neck.

“Wake up.”

Now he yanked the pillow over his head.

“It's because you're thirty, isn't it?”

Finally Ianto cracked an eye open, peering out from between pillows and blankets. Jack was looking down at him, blue eyes searching through a tangle of cloth to meet Ianto's. “What?” Ianto finally croaked, voice an octave lower than normal in the early morning.

“Happy birthday.”

Ianto groaned and squeezed his eyes closed, shutting out the image of Jack's earnest face.

“You're freaking out, aren't you?”

“I'm not Brian Kinney, Jack.” Ianto spoke with his eyes still shut.

The mattress shifted, and there was a rustling of sheets as Jack moved around. Ianto waited, not opening his eyes, as he felt cool air breeze over his face, followed by the warm heat of Jack's breath ghosting over his lips. Ianto's lips quirked into a reluctant smile as he smelled toothpaste on Jack's breath. So courteous of Jack, on his birthday. “What do you want? To start?”

Ianto considered the question as he let Jack kiss him, sucking Jack's lower lip gently into his mouth. Finally Ianto released him and opened his eyes. He hummed, eyes tracking slowly over Jack's face. “How about,” he considered his options. “Just a quick blow job? To start?”

“To start?” Jack teased, but he was already making his way down Ianto's body, pushing the sheets aside as he went.

Maneuvering the pillow beneath him as he lifted himself up onto his elbows, Ianto watched with eyes half-lidded as Jack peppered soft kisses to his chest, then his stomach, then his hips. “Well I gathered you had plans for us, when you scheduled us for a day off together. And Tosh mentioned something about babysitting?”

Jack hummed but said nothing more, instead choosing to delegate a much more important task than talking to his mouth. Ianto let his head fall back onto the pillows and eyes flutter shut again as he enjoyed his birthday morning.


Ianto lay on the camp bed in the Hub, too blissed-out to move. His stomach kept twitching, and little waves of pleasure kept spiking through his system, like he was having a constant, low orgasm. It had been amazing the first ten minutes of post-coital ecstasy, but honestly now it was bordering on annoying. He wanted to get up, get his trousers back on, and head home to Gwil. But as it was, his skin was too sensitive for clothes. Every time he even shifted against the sheets, his body reacted like it was feeling Jack's tongue was inside of him, instead of just cotton rubbing against his shoulders.

“We could spend the night here,” Jack whispered into Ianto's ear, splayed out on top of him. Ianto moaned and turned his head uselessly to the side. Even Jack's breath against his ear was overstimulating.

“This was a fantastic idea,” Ianto finally said. He rubbed his hand against Jack's back, shivering at the sensation. It was like he was high – that's how over-stimulated his body still felt from their love making. “It was a treat to be as loud as we wanted,” he continued.

Jack's laugh was a rumble through both their bodies, causing a shudder to travel down Ianto's spine and pool somewhere in his hips – the nerves in that entire region of his body were so lit up, he wasn't sure if he could tell the difference between a kiss to his left hipbone or his right. It all felt like one giant power plant of sensation. “That's why I brought you back here.” There was a pause that Ianto and Jack filled with their light breathing, Ianto willing his body down from its pleasurable heights. They really needed to get back home eventually. Poor Tosh needed her sleep, too.

You liked the rest of it though, right?” Jack asked. “The observatory; the dinner?”

Ianto ran his finger pads down Jack's ribs, tickling at the muscles he could feel stretched tight across. “Of course. It was perfect.”

So no mid-life crisis? Or quarter-life crisis?”

Ianto laughed, nudging at Jack. They really needed to get home, now. It was gone midnight already. “No crisis. Though I think I might have to start dying my hair. Been finding more and more greys.”

They pushed off each other finally, Jack peering around the floor for his clothes, Ianto content to sit and wait until Jack was dressed to undertake the process himself. “You know, now that you mention it,” Jack mused, bent over as he reached down to snatch up his pants. Lazily Ianto skittered fingers through his chest hair and down to his stomach as he admired the view. “I think I noticed a couple greys in your pubic hair.”

A shudder – of the non-pleasurable kind – went through Ianto's body. Swiftly he propped himself up, peering down at his pubic hair. Surely there couldn't be. Not yet?

Jack came back over to the bed in just his pants, swinging a leg over Ianto's hips and pressing a kiss to his forehead. “Here,” he said, sliding down a bit so he could peer properly down at Ianto's groin. “Hang on... aha!” Gently Jack separated one hair from the others, holding it out between thumb and forefinger. Ianto peered down at it. It was most decidedly grey.

You don't suppose that's blonde?” he pleaded. “I mean, it's not like you can tell by coarseness, since all my hair down there is coarse. It could just be blonde. Or light brown.”

With a sharp tug Jack plucked the hair, causing Ianto to yelp and reach for the thatch of pubic hair above his groin. Ow! Now was not the time to pluck pubic hair! Not when his body was as oversensitive as it was.

Jack ignored Ianto's distress and instead examined the pubic hair more closely, bringing it inches away from his eye. “It's definitely grey,” he announced after a moment's careful deliberation. “Look.” Ianto peered at the grey hair when Jack proffered it. There wasn't much use denying it: it was grey.

Ianto peered mournfully up at Jack. “Do you suppose I can use the same dye on the hair on my head as my pubic hair? Or is there some kind of special kind?”

Jack seemed to ponder this as he flicked the grey pubic hair away, over the side of the bed. “Why don't we come to a compromise?” he proposed. “Don't dye your pubic hair, so I can watch you turn grey. But if you really want to, you can dye the hair on your head.”

At a loss for how to reply to this, Ianto just nodded. If he was uncertain of the proposal, the way Jack's face lit up made Ianto's mind up for him. He thought it was kind of stupid – letting his pubic hair go grey just so Jack could watch. In a way, it was almost disturbing: a visible reminder of mortality that Jack could never achieve in his partner, going greyer and greyer with each passing year, like sand running out of an hourglass. But it seemed to tickle Jack's fancy for now, so Ianto would leave it.

Hey.” Jack squeezed Ianto's thighs between his own. “No grouchiness.” His thumb traced a line under Ianto's lower lip, pushing it up in an effort to force it into a smile. Ianto ended up smiling in response to the gesture. “No depressing thoughts. Not until tomorrow at least.”

Ianto made great show of looking at his watch, even though he knew the time. “It already is tomorrow. Can I bemoan my old age and mortality now?”

Leaning in, Jack nipped playfully at Ianto's ear. Ianto laughed and turned to the side, allowing him more access. “Never,” Jack whispered between nips. “Never.”


It was nearly one by the time they pulled up to their house. There was only a single light visible from the street in the living room. Gwil's bedroom light was off, to Ianto's approval. It might have been a Saturday night, but that didn't mean he could stay up this late.

Jack's body was pressed warm against Ianto's back as he unlocked their front door, lips pressing behind Ianto's ear and cold nose rubbing there after. Ianto laughed quietly as they pushed the door open, trying to shush Jack at the same time and failing.

When they stepped inside Ianto stopped short, causing Jack to bump into him. Inside their living room, Tosh jumped up from their couch, blushing bright red from beneath thick strands of black hair. Next to her, Owen stood up as well, smoothing a hand back through his hair.

Hey.” Jack spoke over Ianto's shoulder.

Hey.” Owen's hands were wiping nervously at his trousers now. “Ianto. Jack.”

So, huh.” Ianto blinked rapidly, turning to glance at Jack. Jack just shrugged, so Ianto turned back to Owen and Tosh, who were shifting uneasily in their spots in front of the couch. “So,” Ianto continued, hands fluttering at his hips for wont of something else to do. “I trust Gwil didn't give you any trouble?”

Tosh shook her head, hair flying around her jaw. “No! No trouble! We- I put him to bed about two hours ago.”

“He did want me to tell you that he's too old for babysitters,” Owen chimed in. “Which I agree with. What is he, twelve?”

“Eleven.” Ianto's expression was dry as he looked at Owen. “And we do leave him alone. I just don't like him to be alone this late at night.”

Ianto watched as Owen and Tosh looked back at him and Jack. There was an extended moment of uncomfortable silence, which Ianto finally broke by throwing his thumb over his shoulder to the front door. “So you can-”

“Right!” Propelled into action by Ianto's words, Tosh started scrambling around for her purse. Owen just stepped out of her way, hovering at the side of the living room as inconspicuously as possible – that was, not at all.

As Ianto and Jack stepped further into their house, Ianto could see a movie was playing on the telly: Forbidden Planet. By the time Ianto turned to Owen and raised an eyebrow, Tosh was popping the DVD out of the player and shoving it into her purse. The next moment her hand darted out and snatched at Owen's shirt, dragging him over to the entranceway. Jack and Ianto parted, both in a state of bemused bewilderment as the couple moved past them.

Tosh hurried out the front door first, but Owen lingered behind, turning to Ianto. He looked Ianto up and down, then winked. “Have a good birthday, then?”

Ianto shared a glance with Jack, both men breaking into impossible grins. “Definitely,” Ianto replied. He quirked an eyebrow at Owen as he tried to school his features into something that didn't scream sex-stupid. “You, too? Enjoy my birthday, that is?”

Owen shrugged – almost sheepishly, it looked to Ianto – before glancing over his shoulder at Tosh. She was in the process of throwing her purse into her car and practically jumping into it. “Yeah. Yeah, it's... it's going pretty good.” A slow smile slipped over Owen's face as he watched Tosh jamming her keys into her ignition, then settling to wait nervously for him. Owen turned back to Ianto, clasping a hand to his shoulder. “Anyway, cheers mate. Happy birthday.”

Ianto closed the door quickly after Owen, to spare Tosh any further nerve-wracking seconds of observation. He turned back to Jack, who was grinning, albeit somewhat confusedly. “I thought Tosh was dating Andy.”

Ianto blinked. Then he pushed past Jack and headed to the bedroom, shaking his head as he went. “How could you think that?”

Jack's footsteps followed him into the bedroom, door shutting as Ianto slid out of his clothes. “Andy had let something slip about a woman understanding his line of work. I assumed it was Tosh.”

As they slid into bed together, Ianto pressed a kiss to Jack's temple. “It must be someone else – maybe someone in MI6. Anyway,” Ianto settled into his pillows with a happy sigh, “it's always been Owen and Tosh. It just took Owen a little while to realize it himself.”

Jack hummed something noncommittal next to him. In the next minute both their breaths had slowed, the two men about to fall into an easy slumber after the exertions of the day.

Just before Ianto drifted off, Jack shifted next to him.

Wait: but then who is Andy dating?”

Continue on to Chapter 5.


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