Mar. 3rd, 2011

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1.] Megacon!
So for those of my fabulous f-listers who don't know, I live around the Orlando, Florida area. The weather is very nice, but I severally lack in conventions, because a.] there's only like, 2 in Florida, and b.] ALL THE OTHER STATES ARE SO FAR AWAY. I mean, it's not Hawaii, but just to get to Atlanta is a 7 hour drive (6, the way I drive) and it's just a pain in the ass to try and get anywhere else.

But! On the good side of all this, Megacon is coming up, *dance dance dance* March 25-27th. If any of you guys are interested, my little bro has some friends that are doing the whole hotel room thing, and there's some space available. PM/comment/whatever if you wanna come on down to sunny Florida for the weekend and enjoy the nerdiness ^.^

Of course, the reason why I care about Megacon so much this year....

I rant about James Marsters for a bit )

Shatner will also be there, which is excellent because I'm going to get his autograph as a father's day gift for my dad. *high fives*

2.] [ profile] rsbigbang 


Working on my [ profile] rsbigbang fic, as [ profile] analia_the_1st can attest to (been bother her with outlines/rants/random organizational notes). So if you're following me for Remus/Sirius love and don't see any over the next month or two, it's because it's all going into the big bang fic. So just hold tight, and hopefully it'll be worth it ^.^

3.] Lent.

Much Catholic sadness ensues. )

4.] Traveling


As you guys might have noticed, I GOT INTO CMU'S GRADUATE PROGRAM. *dancing forever*
As a result, I've been invited on a little meet-and-greet on March 28th. So I'm flying into Pittsburgh Sunday (27th) evening, then hopping a flight out of there Tuesday morning (29th). The meet-and-greet is only during the day on the 28th, so I have a little bit of time to kill.

Does anybody I know live in Pitt? We could hang out! And get drinks?
Anyway, just wondering :D


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My Boys

By [profile] cowboyhd 

"Being here I've seen things I never dreamt I'd see. Loved people I never would have known if I had just stayed where I was... and I wouldn't change that for the world."

Jack, Torchwood Epi. 203


By [profile] mercury_pheonix 

"I'm gay and I'm Muslim. And I don't think you can go to hell for having loved."

Syed, Eastenders Epi. 7·16·2010


By [personal profile] raelala 

"You'll always be young. You'll always be beautiful. You're Brian Kinney, for fuck's sake!"

Michael, Queer As Folk Epi. 514


By [profile] aoitsukikage 

"Kurt, there is a moment where you say to yourself – ‘Oh, there you are. I’ve been looking for you forever.’"

Blaine, Glee Epi. 216


By [profile] zoesmith

The Professor walked to Black's side, seized his hand, pulled him to his feet so that Crookshanks fell to the floor, and embraced Black like a brother.

Prisoner of Azkaban, p. 345