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1.] Gwil's running late because my fucking desktop decided to let nanobots invade its hard drive and consume it as a snack, or something equally as bizarre (I swear, my entire fucking life is just one big anomaly, the refrain "I've never seen that before!" following me around like a bad smell). So I was flipping out about that all day Sunday, because GAH, 42 days outside of warranty. OF COURSE. Bad news: harddrive requires replacement. Good news: There's a secret "leeway" period with the Mac 1-year warranty that I fall within, so it's free. And all my fic is on my laptop, so nothing is lost I can't just re-download. They might have backed up my shit for me, because the directories were all still accessible, but I doubt it.

Anyway, tl;dr: Gwil should go up tomorrow; it was delayed due to a combination of computer freak-outs and me re-writing two Years of plot in a fit of indecision.

2.] My [ profile] rsbigbang fic is up! *dance party*

Go check it out over here. I'll be posting it to my journal as well, as soon as I'm allowed (July 1st, iirc). [ profile] aurora_interim 's art turned out better than I expected, and she did three pieces for me, which I definitely wasn't expecting! [ profile] rhye did a fanmix, and although - I'll admit - I'm not partial to them, there actually seems to be some legit artists I like in the mix, like Queen, Velvet Underground, and Smashing Pumpkins. I'm actually going to check this one out, because it really does appear to be to my tastes.

Okay! That's it for now! Hopefully tomorrow won't eat me alive like the past two days did, and everything will go up as usual. Thanks for being so patient with me ^.^
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Couple of things:

1.] Over at [ profile] oldfriends , your fabulous local Erik/Charles X-Men community (co-modded by yours truly) we are having a banner-making contest!! So if you are one of those fantastic graphic-design people (unlike myself) and you love you some Erik and Charles (much like myself) you should come on over and make a banner! The winning banner will be proudly displayed at the top of the [ profile] oldfriends comm, and obviously you'll have credit given on our profile page. Full rules and regulations can be found here. Entries due by July 1st, so get to it!

2.] [ profile] jack_ianto_las: HOW AM I STILL IN THIS? O____o :DDDD WOW. WOW. Completely and utterly thought I was gone this week. Compared to the other fics, I felt like mine stuck out like a sore thumb because of how fucking SHIT it was compared to the ridiculous writing prowess of my fellow competitors. Everyone just freaking stepped up their game this round to an entirely different level, leaving me staring up at them like a short little baby sister thinking "How the hell did they get all the way up there?"

But somehow I'm still in it! I'm going to really, really, REALLY give it my A game this round. I'm determined to make it into the top 10 now, and I know that if the next fic I submit isn't the best thing I've ever written, I'm out. Because frankly, the ladies left in it can write circles around me on a bad day. UNGK. I'm so screwed. But I'm going to try so freaking hard this time. The prompt is kind of meh, and I can see what the obvious 2-3 choices are to write about. I don't know if I should just go with that, or try to be super different, or if that'll screw me over, too...

Who knows. Anyway.

Last thing:

3.] Wow. Super 8 was such a fucking phenomenal movie. Like, a real cinematic, movie maker's movie. It basically felt like Abrams' extended love-letter to Spielberg, done just as well and beautifully and brilliantly as Spielberg's old stuff, like ET and Close Encounters. Just gorgeous. Abrams basically did everything right that you can do right with in a movie. I am really, genuinely happy coming out of the movie theater, because I just saw such a good movie.

I suck Abrams' dick for four paragraphs )

So, a now revised Favorite Directors List:

1.] Stanley Kubrick
2.] Darren Arronofsky
3.] Quentin Tarantino
4.] Steven Spielberg
5.] Christopher Nolan
6.] J.J. Abrams
7.] Kevin Smith

^ Do you see that, Abrams? You've moved ahead of Kevin Smith! And depending on how terrible or wonderful DKR is, you could pull ahead of Nolan! So get working on Star Trek whatever-the-fuck-number, and we'll see.
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Please excuse me while I am a ridiculous person for a moment.

This afternoon my brother and I set ourselves into giggle fits by creating Facebook accounts for Erik and Charles. This was because we were laughing about how Erik's only friend in the world is Charles, and how he is so very very lonely. Then we were like "Haha, if Erik had Facebook, he'd only have 1 friend! Haha."


So. Even more silliness under the cut.MUTANT FACEBOOK )

OKAY. Enough silliness for today. I'm sorry you guys. I'm off to finish writing virgin!Charles first time penetration fic, now ^.^
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1.] Recs!

Head on over to [ profile] rsbigbang if you haven't already and start reading the fic there! [ profile] remuslives23 fic just went up, and of course it's freaking amazing. I feel like it's practically redundant to tell you something remuslives wrote is amazing, because, duh, it's remuslives! But go read it. Also, [ profile] epithalamium did bunches of art for it, which, HNGGG. Dream team, am I right? And then [ profile] calico_lupin did some MORE art, and it was damn good! Sirius in a firefighter stripper outfit = HELL OF YEAH.

So head on over to [ profile] rsbigbang  and check out the fic! Mine'll be going up at sometime, too ^.^

2.] [ profile] jack_ianto_las Challenge 7 voting is up! And I have to say, guys: this is it. This is totally my last week in competition. I really, really mean it this time. It's been nice competing with you all, but... :{ So much good fic! So much. Not even remotely "competing" any more with my fellow competitors because, like, guys: [ profile] remuslives23 is ONE OF THEM, first of all. Plus like, everyone else amazing in the fandom is still in it, plus some people who are amazing in the fandom (looking at you, [ profile] choccy_grl  ) have already been voted out, so I know I totally don't stand a chance. ;___; But go read and vote anyway, even if you are totally voting me out.

3.] So, in case you guys might not have noticed: I have a bit of an X-Men problem. I've been relentlessly spamming you guys with fic, and... oops. Just filter me from your friends' list or stop notifications or whatever for the next couple weeks if you're irritated by it, because this is totally going to continue to be a problem. Sorry. But for any new X-Men people hanging around here: hi! :DD X-Men! IT WAS AWESOME.

4.] Got some pseudo-melenoma cells dug out of my shoulder by the dermatologist Monday. WHAT A GREAT WAY TO START MY WEEK.

Gross pictures and descriptions under the cut:

Seriously, don't click if you're squeamish. )

Anyway, cheers and hello to new peoples!

(And oh my gosh, Eastenders! Good stuff coming up! :DD Fandom is just being generally awesome right now.)
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1.] Calling artists! The most awesome new Remus/Sirius community just started up, called [ profile] shaggydog_swap . I've already pimped it once, but here's me pimping it again!

Shaggydog_swap Pimp! )

2.][ profile] rsbigbang  starts in just a couple days (Monday, June 6th, to be precise)!!!!

RSBigBang Pimp! )

3.] Speaking of art, once I do get my art for the [ profile] rsbigbang , I'll be looking to redesign my banner with the addition of the new pieces of art (as well as some fanart I've gotten in the interim), and sans [ profile] epithalamium 's lovely Sirius/Remus rimming picture. Because, as much as I freaking love it, it has caused me some trouble on some occasions when I open my webpage and other people are around. And I realized that it might cause the same sort of trouble for my readers, so I'll leave it off. As much as it pains me ;___;

Oh, but the point of all that! Since I kind of suck major monkey balls at any sort of visual arts, I was wondering if anyone would feel like actually doing the banner for me? It can be just a basic thing like what I have up there now. It's just something like that takes me like, 3 days, because I'm so freaking incompetent, so it'd just be super helpful if anyone wanted to do it for me.

Oookay. I think that's it for now. Cheers!
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Finished my [ profile] rsbigbang fic - the completed completed completed totally final forever copy.


So make sure you keep your eye on the comm - if you aren't already - because there is a ton of awesome fic that is about to come your way... and I'm definitely NOT just talking about my fic.

Plus art! Eeeee! I'm so excited to see the art my artists have come up with for my fic, and for all the other fics. Art! :DDD

Sorry Gwil's delayed, obviously I've been working on the edits for the bigbang the last couple days. Plus I've been packing for my move up to Pittsburgh, so, blergk. Stuff.

Anyway, Gwil will go up... eventually. Hopefully end of today? If not today, tomorrow? :{ (I would promise end of today, but Eastenders is V. V. IMPORTANT today, and... priorities, you see.)
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I've got two pimps for you guys today!!

1.] If you haven't yet, get off your bums and vote over at [ profile] jack_ianto_las . Yet another amazing round, with really great stories all around. I had like, a 4-way tie in my notes as to the "best" story when I was voting, so get over there and read the goodness, and then vote! Voting closes at 5pm today, so hurry up!

2.] New community! :DDDDDDD It's the [ profile] shaggydog_swap !

Banner 1

A comm dedicated to swapping the order of fic and art. This time around, the artists are in charge, and the writers get to write stories for their amazing art. It should be awesome-sauce! Even if you're not an artist or writer, this community should definitely be on your "watch" list for all the awesome art and fic that is sure to come out of it! (Plus some of my favoritest peoples are the mods to the comm, so go out and show them some love by making this first round a huge success!)


May. 16th, 2011 01:17 pm
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So of course we took a million pictures on the UK trip. Also of course, I'm not going to post all of those. Yes, we saw the Tower of London, and Westminster Abbey, and Whitehall, and all that good stuff. That is not what this post is about. This post is all about the amuly-specific, crazy nerdy/Doctor Who fan/Classics major STUFF that we saw over the course of the trip.

Image heavy
Me acting like an idiot.
Pictures of my little brother.
Pictures selected purely because of weird associations in my brain.

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 Okay, so not drunk enough to annoy the hell out of you guys - hopefully ^.^

Just met [ profile] myprettycabinet , and she's even MORE awesome in person than she is in her art. AS IF THAT WAS EVEN MORE POSSIBLE. I swear, yous guys, she is AWESOME and the shop she works at is AWESOME and everything about her is AWESOME. I am having a great freaking time, and am possibly slightly drunk :P

Okay, so, anyway. Onto taking a shower, and then Cambridge/York/Leeds tomorrow!!! Having such a good time yous guys, I swear :DDDDDDDDDDDD Now off to drink water and shower and take advil so I don't have a hangover tomorrow morning. Can't have that as I'm enjoying my fabulous tour of the UK!!!

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In the meantime, PROMPT MEME!

1. [ profile] kausingkayn 

Jack/Ianto, of course. ^_^ Their first date, after John Hart. But can it be a complete disaster?

2. [info]analia_the_1st

How about Russell doing some self loving? I've just spent 2 hours symbolizing "x Loves y" & I want masturbation porn.

3. [ profile] deathlyxhellos 

Remus/Sirius sexual tension.

4. [ profile] aoitsukikage

Kurt/Blaine. Because we never saw it, Blaine's reaction when Kurt tells him for sure that he's transferring back.

5. [ profile] choccy_grl

The prompt was: Christian/Syed shower sex, returning from the hospital after his cast is removed.

6. [ profile] moon2411

First time rimming and a shy Remus: Sirius wants to rim Remus for the first time but Remus is a bit shy about it.

7. [ profile] augusta 

Christian/Syed marathon sex. Christian's on top and stays in Syed until he gets hard again and continues to have sex with Syed once again. Syed enjoys it very much.

8. [ profile] aoitsukikage  

Finn/Kurt I don't really have anything specific, just anytime during the last episode would be great because they both looked so happy.

9. [ profile] xrai_namere 

Jack/Ianto - rimming, first time. With Ianto doing the rimming, please. :)

10. [ profile] xrai_namere


Can I have Syed and Christian with a baby. I would love it if it's theirs (either through adoption or surrogacy) but it's okay if it's not. )


*Stick to people I write about, please. So Jack/Ianto, Kurt/Blaine, Sirius/Remus, Eliot/Hardison, Christian/Syed, &c. Check my Masterlist of Fic if you're unsure, and if you're still confused, just drop a line and I'll see what I can do.
**And I reserve the right to refuse if it's a MAJOR squick of mine or something (ie, rape). BUT so long as it's not a major major squick, I'll give it a go, even if I've never written it ^.^ (ie, fisting)
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1.] Go vote over at [ profile] jack_ianto_las . I am miraculously still in it... I don't think I will be after this week ;___; But still, vote.

2.] Lent ends in an hour and a half or so, and at that time, I WILL READ ALL THE FICS I MISSED OUT ON. So if you get a review from me tonight and it's crazy short or something, it's because I am working my way through 40+ days of backlogged fic.

3.] In that same vein, I'm looking for a way to distract myself for this last hour and a half, so I stole a trope meme from [ profile] jendavis .

TROPE MEME! What you like, what you write, what you don't.

Trope Meme )

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The [ profile] jack_ianto_las challenge four fics are up! Once again, it's still Lent so I can't read the fics, but I'm still in it, so please go read the fics for me and vote!

As a side note, the fic I submitted last week, Dona Nobis Pacem, I completely hated, and yet somehow managed to garner two votes. The fic I wrote this week (which I can't tell you which one it was until Monday :P) I LOVED. I am obscenely proud of this fic. It's definitely the best fic I've written for this contest. It might not be my best fic ever, but I am really, really, really proud of it. I just think I managed to do everything I wanted to do with it just brilliantly ^.^

In other words: I am SO getting voted out this week ;___; I guarantee you: this is the week. I'm gone. Every time I freaking love a fic, I'm gone, and every one I hate, gets tons of love.

So go vote, and find out if your opinions match mine ~.^
Much less important, random, random stuff. )

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This morning my mom and I had to go and put my dog, Bandit, to sleep. It was a long time coming, and he was blind, deaf, incontinent, and his back legs weren't working too well, so it wasn't like it was a surprise or anything. Still. I miss my baby.

Lots of pictures under the cut. )

(PS: Gwil's basically done for Thursday, so expect that up tonight at midnight.)
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Okay, I was trying to just fit all this into the Gwil's A/N for tonight, but it just got almost as long as the fucking fic, so I'm going to end up posting twice tonight. My apologies.

Orders of Business!

1.] Go vote over at [ profile] jack_ianto_las . I'm still in it – barely – and I can't vote since I can't read fanfic during lent. So vote in place of me, fabulous readers!

2.] Tattoo. So. You fabulous internet friends of mine. I know you're a talented bunch. Are any of you particularly skilled graphic designers? I'm looking to get a tattoo designed, and I have a sort of rough idea THING of what I want to do, but I =/= art-savvy. I'd be willing to work out a deal w/ you for designing it: fic exchange, LJ v-gift – hell, I'd be willing to buy you a paid account if you can make me something good. So, anyone out there? (And I reserve the right to not like your art if you contact me. I mean, this WOULD be something going permanently on me, so I'm not going to try and save your feelings and getting it if I don't like it, you know? Sorry :{ )

Um.... Yes. Okay, I think that was it. So it wasn't quite as long as the fic itself, but it WAS getting too unwieldy for the author's note.

Anyway, see you in about an hour with Gwil!


Just realized, after chatting w/ [ profile] a_silver_story in the comments, that I need to explain this a little bit more. So:

I basically need someone with an artistic brain to combine these three things:

^Principle of Non-Contradiction (PNC)

^Kepler's 3rd Law of Planetary Motion

^An illustration of the method Socrates uses to demonstrate his recollection theory of knowledge as described in the "Meno".

I want to combine these in like, a pretty way. Basically I was thinking solar system model diagram, w/ the "P" equation (that's the PNC) as one of the foci, and then the Meno square (the square, obviously) as the form of the triangle who's area is getting cut out in the Kepler's third law (solar system thingy) diagram.
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*calms down*

Okay. Watch this. Don't ask questions, don't skim through the video, just shut up and watch the damn thing. It's 10 minutes long, you can squeeze it into your day. WATCH IT, because it deserves ALL THE OSCARS EVER. EVER.

Blinky™ from Ruairi Robinson on Vimeo.

Go Vote!

Mar. 10th, 2011 12:25 pm
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[ profile] jack_ianto_las Round 1, Challenge 2 voting is open.


I actually can't vote, b/c I can't read the fics ;__; So go vote for me! And if you end up voting for me, that's good too! (Snork snork snork yuck yuck yuck)

You'll see my fic up on my LJ on Monday/Tuesday, once voting is closed and everything.

Go Vote Go Vote Go Vote Go Vote Go Vote Go Vote Go Vote Go Vote!
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1.] Megacon!
So for those of my fabulous f-listers who don't know, I live around the Orlando, Florida area. The weather is very nice, but I severally lack in conventions, because a.] there's only like, 2 in Florida, and b.] ALL THE OTHER STATES ARE SO FAR AWAY. I mean, it's not Hawaii, but just to get to Atlanta is a 7 hour drive (6, the way I drive) and it's just a pain in the ass to try and get anywhere else.

But! On the good side of all this, Megacon is coming up, *dance dance dance* March 25-27th. If any of you guys are interested, my little bro has some friends that are doing the whole hotel room thing, and there's some space available. PM/comment/whatever if you wanna come on down to sunny Florida for the weekend and enjoy the nerdiness ^.^

Of course, the reason why I care about Megacon so much this year....

I rant about James Marsters for a bit )

Shatner will also be there, which is excellent because I'm going to get his autograph as a father's day gift for my dad. *high fives*

2.] [ profile] rsbigbang 


Working on my [ profile] rsbigbang fic, as [ profile] analia_the_1st can attest to (been bother her with outlines/rants/random organizational notes). So if you're following me for Remus/Sirius love and don't see any over the next month or two, it's because it's all going into the big bang fic. So just hold tight, and hopefully it'll be worth it ^.^

3.] Lent.

Much Catholic sadness ensues. )

4.] Traveling


As you guys might have noticed, I GOT INTO CMU'S GRADUATE PROGRAM. *dancing forever*
As a result, I've been invited on a little meet-and-greet on March 28th. So I'm flying into Pittsburgh Sunday (27th) evening, then hopping a flight out of there Tuesday morning (29th). The meet-and-greet is only during the day on the 28th, so I have a little bit of time to kill.

Does anybody I know live in Pitt? We could hang out! And get drinks?
Anyway, just wondering :D
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I got in to Carnegie Mellon's graduate program, for either an M.A. in Philosophy or an M.S. in Logic, Computation, and Methodology.


You guys, you have no idea. I've been crying on and off with my parents for the past 2-3 hours.

I applied last year to 10 different PhD programs, got into none of them, and was basically ready to throw myself off a cliff. Then I restarted the application process this year, and already got rejected from UNC, and waitlisted for Brown.

But tonight I got an e-mail from Carnegie Mellon - my number two choice out of ten schools - informing me that I had my pick of the programs I wanted to join, 50% funding, a TA stipend if I was interested, and I should get on up there March 28th for a meet-and-greet.

I'm just... I'm so beside myself with happiness right now, you guys. I keep bursting into tears because I'm just so damn happy.

I'm sorry. I just need to shout my happiness from the rooftops, and LJ is my rooftop, so... :P
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[ profile] myprettycabinet drew me FUCKING AMAZING Sirius/Remus art to illustrate my fic Pray the Gay Away.



*melts into a puddle of happy*
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1.] I'm sure you've all already seen this on your F-Lists, but the [ profile] jack_ianto_las comm is having the first round of voting! Go here to read the stories and vote! Yours truly has a fic in there, so read carefully and may the best fic win!

2.] Okay, holy shit. Kurt/Blaine fans are INSANE. I post one teeny-tiny random Kurt/Blaine fic, and I break every single record for pageviews, original pageviews, LJ user pageviews... everything. Nearly 2,500 in one day! (This is a lot for me.) So, holy shit, I need to write another Kurt/Blaine thing in thank-you, I think. We'll see.

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